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As per Hindu mythology, Goddess Laxmi is the Vedic deity who holds a principal place in the Hindu Pantheon. She epitomizes wealth, auspiciousness, fortune, and prosperity. Shreem is the bija, or "seed," mantra of the Hindu goddess. It is said to be a very powerful chant which enhances the chanter’s aura and helps them attract abundance of wealth and prosperity. We, as a professional advisory firm, aim to create a positive impact for our clients by helping them unlock their potential to attain new heights. 

Shreem Finserve is an Indian investment bank, engaged in ensuring continuous availability of meritocratic capital to Indian corporates and deserving entrepreneurs– a one-stop solution provider for businesses’ capital needs. 

As a firm, we focus on creating value for clients across Infrastructure (Roads, Power, Energy, Logistics, Ports, and Urban Infrastructure), Real Estate (Affordable Housing), Consumer (Food, Food Processing & Agribusiness, Consumer Goods & Services, Retail, Specialty Healthcare and Education) and Technology sectors. 

Key Strengths:
• Entrepreneurial mind-set
• Industry expertise 
• Established local and global partnerships 
• Research backed advice
• Nimble and resourceful approach 
• Unparalleled client service

Building partnership that has the power to fuel innovation, to infuse new energy into the firm, and to create new wealth for everyone involved.

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