Structured Finance

Structured Finance

Structured finance is specifically created to satisfy unique capital demands that are not normally met by standard loans. Through securitization, new funding instruments have been developed to change cash flows and reshape the liquidity structure of balance sheets, allowing clients to finance projects, receive off-balance-sheet treatment, or boost short–term liquidity.

We offer structured financing solutions to clients in order to suit their complex financing needs. With a strong regulatory and legal expertise to arrange complicated transactions, we help clients achieve greater financial returns while mitigating risk.

Structured finance solutions encompass:

● Securitisation/Receivables Discounting: Increasing liquidity and enhancing Return on Investment (ROI) on projects that have commenced commercial operations

● Acquisition Finance: Acquisition financing is the funding a corporation uses specifically to acquire another company. By acquiring another company, a company can increase the dimensions of its operations and enjoy the economies of scale achieved through the acquisition

● Special Situations Finance: Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR), Distress Financing, etc.

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