Mergers & Acquisitions

Buyer Services

We help businesses implement inorganic growth plans. Companies can employ an effectively implemented M&A strategy to take a leap in the market, acquire a competence/capacity, or enter new markets or product sectors. We aid in scoping the target market, discovering companies with comparable qualities, and finalising the purchase on favourable terms as part of this process.

● Target Identification: We undertake broad target searches and assist clients in evaluating a small number of pre-screened prospects using substantial databases and industry experience. We speed up the process by making initial contact with targets and conducting preliminary due diligence

● Transaction Closure: For prospective acquisitions, we advise clients on valuation, deal structuring, and negotiation. Market knowledge and domain expertise makes the execution advice invaluable, especially when the seller is represented by an intermediary. If financing is required, we assist in defining the suitable capital structure and raising funds to execute the transaction on favourable terms.

Seller Services

The market for selling businesses is dynamic, segmented, and often inefficient. Selling a business is a complex process that requires judgement, skill, industry knowledge, scale, and commitment to achieve the optimal results.

We help the clients maximise shareholder value. We think the attentiveness, vast network of relationships, and global reach of partnerships provide clients with the best potential to fulfil their transaction objectives.

Process for a successful sale includes the following:

● Determine the seller's objectives and key transaction issues

● Analyse the motives of prospective investor (strategic/ financial) for acquiring the business ● Develop the acquisition rationale for each investor/ investor group

● Design and execute a customised sales process

● Achieve optimal results

Issues in sell-side deals include cultural fit between seller and buyer, company transformation and achieving the entrepreneur's personal objectives being a few of them. We have continuously offered excellent and practical solutions to clients in all aspects by combining a relationship-oriented approach with technical rigour in transaction execution.

Seller services focus on serving financial sponsors, independent business owners, small-cap public companies and larger companies divesting business units. We also advise management teams on business acquisitions. This assistance often includes appraising the company, structuring a transaction that is attractive to management, and raising the debt and equity capital needed to purchase the company.

Management Buyouts

Management buyouts (MBOs) have become increasingly common in recent years, especially in small business acquisitions. A management buyout is a transaction, often financed through debt finance, in which the management team of a company buys out the existing owners, purchasing the assets and operations.

The client's interests as independent counsel are prioritised during the management buyout process. The plan is to negotiate a deal in which the client (or their management team) owns the majority of the business. The process will take place without putting the client's personal assets in jeopardy. As commercial counsel, we will undertake the responsibility to help ensure that the transaction places the client in a position of long-term success.

Distressed M&A

Distressed asset transactions have unique risks and difficulties. During previous economic downturns, distressed asset M&A has been a preferred development strategy for acquirers. Acquisitions can occasionally be made at a significant discount due to the current status of the economy.

We have experience assisting companies in financial distress, creditors, and other stakeholders that are attempting to better their financial recovery. For clients going through exceptional circumstances, confidence in transaction closing - on optimal terms and in a timely manner - is critical. These circumstances can include an over-leveraged balance sheet, loss of a major customer account, costly litigation and significant rise in material costs, macro-economic and/or industry-specific downturn and obsolete business model. To produce viable restructuring options and acquire an acceptable solution, we draw on collective experience, relationships, improvisations, and resources.

Building partnership that has the power to fuel innovation, to infuse new energy into the firm, and to create new wealth for everyone involved.

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