Valuation is at the core of any financial transaction and is an essential component of the offering. A thorough analysis is conducted to determine the underlying value of the company/division/asset. The task entails creating a robust financial model, which includes:

● Conducting a comprehensive analysis to determine the underlying value of the company/division/asset. The process consists of creating a solid financial model, which includes: Precise financial data in the model (at a granular level)

● Reformulating previous financial data to uncover the business's operational performance

● Benchmarking this performance with the industry’s performance and with the business’s past performance

● Identifying key business drivers and combining financial experience and industry knowledge with management's expertise to forecast these drivers

● Performing detailed projections of the business’s financial statements in consultation with the management based on the future growth and expansion plans

● Valuing the business based on various methodologies including discounted cash flow method, comparable company analysis method, comparable transaction analysis method, etc.

● Conducting a sensitivity analysis to gauge the impact on valuation upon modification in key valuation assumptions

A thorough and integrated 3-statement financial model with precise schedules is included in the output. The entire process serves two purposes: internal assessment and transaction-specific opportunities.

Internal assessment

From an internal viewpoint, it creates and communicates an important gauge for the value being created. Furthermore, the financial models we have created for clients have been significant in their business and strategy planning. It can be used to set periodic targets and then benchmark the firm's actual performance as it is a complete, dynamic, and user-friendly model. So, while it can be used to examine a company's historical performance, it can also be used to analyse future growth potential and measure future performance against tangible financial criteria.
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