TEV & LIE Report

Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) Report

Techno-Economic Viability (TEV) is an evaluation of a project using a systematic procedure for weaving technical and financial information about the project with relevant data about its technological and economic environment into one or a few criteria on the basis of which the project is recommended for selection, modification, or rejection.

The scope of the TEV report includes:

● Technical Feasibility: Determination of technical feasibility by evaluating several needs such as production technology, optimum utilisation of installed capacity, availability of utilities and inputs, product quality, etc

● Market Potential: Assessment of current and future market situations, available marketing infrastructure, demand-supply analysis, and field competition.

● Economic Feasibility: Assessment of the project's economic viability will be done in light of market demand-supply scenarios in relation to the project's production capacity, the market price of the product in relation to a unit cost of production, etc

● Financial Feasibility: Assessment of the project's financial feasibility in terms of predicted profitability, cash flow, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), and sensitivity to bad scenarios, etc

● Managerial Competence: Assessment of managerial competence in terms of 3 elements: ○ promoters' business acumen and experience ○ a professional management team with a defined work domain for project implementation, production, marketing and finance, etc ○ the promoters'/management's ability to mitigate implementation risk, funding risk, input risk, market risk, technology risk, regulatory risk etc

● SWOT Analysis: The SWOT analysis is used to determine the essential internal and external aspects that are critical to the project's success.

Lender’s Independent Engineer’s (LIE) Report

A lender’s Independent Engineer report (LIE) is a technical due diligence report generated by an Independent Engineer, often known as the Lender's Independent Engineer, and typically chosen by the lender. Independent Engineer examines the technical inputs like output, efficiency, O&M expenses, availability, etc to the financial model used by the lender and the developer/owner to justify the financing of the project.

The scope of the LIE report includes:

● Examine/vet the project's cost and provide feedback on its reasonableness

● Contract vetting, including liquidated damages and performance assurances, for various works awarded by the company. The lender's Engineer will also look into the fairness of the contract prices

● Examine the necessary construction approvals, as well as the adequacy of clearances and any consent, licence, approval, registration, permit, or other authorisation of any kind required to be granted by any statutory or regulatory authority or third party for the project's construction, operation, and maintenance

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