Bid Advisory

Bid Advisory

We are adept at financial evaluations of the project, taking into account all the quantitative aspects of the concession agreement, and building financial models that can handle different criteria. We also provide technical reviews and risk analyses of concession agreements to clients. We assist the client to do scenario analysis with ease, optimise the capital structure and make an ideal decision.

We offer end-to-end services which include:

● Site selection/relative opportunity ranking
● General alignment with the client's strengths, identification of project risks and mitigation strategies
● Carrying out market research/demand assessment
● Assistance in refining assumptions about capital expenditure requirements
● Preparation of financial models
● Scenario analysis - the main financial indicators of the project
● Preparation of bid formats - assistance in submissions
● Assistance in reverse bidding (if applicable)
● Contract signing support

Analytical capabilities, in conjunction with the quantitative skills, enable the creation of an optimal bidding strategy.

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